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I showed a problem of classical mechanics and its solutions as a cartoon of the contents of the reduced form of the Uda equation at JPS 2013 Spring Meeting.

It originated from
the idea on 2011/08/02.

When time is descretized and V = 0, the reduced form of the new grammar version of the Schrodinger equation

is rewitten as follows.

At the meeting I showed how it is if n = 3.


The content of this article was presented by me at JPS 2013 Spring Meeting.


This article is a rewrite of the article 'Cartoon of the Equation' in the following page.
Later Edition@Theory of Quantum History Entangled in Time-like Direction@Products of Grammatical Physics@Grammatical Physics@Forum@Vintage(2008-2014)
This old article does not seem to be completed.

Author Yuichi Uda, Write start at 2015/05/23/20:18JST, Last edit at 2016/04/01/17:14JST