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This web site is designed by using Ireko-navi as a navigation system.

Ireko-navi was invented by Yuichi Uda on 4th August 2011.

Ireko is the pronunciation of the Japanese word meaning a nest set of boxes.

Ireko-navi works according to the following rules.


Click on the right and most inner column = Go to the next page.

Click on the left and most inner colum = Go to the previous page.

Click on the bottom and most inner bar = Scroll up to the top of the page.

Click on a frame which is not the most inner = Go to the top page of an upper folder.


How to Join this Community

This web site constitutes a joinable community.

You can join this community by posting your message together with your name and password.

If your message is not a spam, the administrator of this web site will publish it in this web site.

You can use a nickname as your name.

You do not have to write your email address.

Please use Wooder!BBS for posting your message.

When your first message is published in this web site, your name will be added in Authors @ Links.

The webmaster of this web site decided not to use any CMS(contents management system) with anger because he(I) used CMSs and seriously suffered from them before.

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