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The grammatical physics
is such a methodology to develop physics
  as we use invention of a new grammar
                     which fits the real situation better
       as a driving force
      after supposing actively that existing grammar doesn't fit real situations completely.

The grammatical physics at present
is specifically the work
           that after inventing more powerful coordinate system,
              one builds up further development of physics on it.

However, that is not all of the grammatical physics.

The grammatical physics contains all interests about the features of the nature
                                    at grammar level.

The more difficult and higher-grade problem of the grammatical physics
is to invent more powerful new set of notions
                   that should take the place of the set of the notions:
                                      history, coordinate system and equation.

To expose the essential weak point
                   of the set of notions (history, coordinate system and equation)
  without depending on those specific choices
is also a problem of the grammatical physics.

In comparison with these problems,
invention of new coordinate systems is no more than an inferior problem,
                                 mere model choice.

The content of this article was presented at APS+JPS 2006 Autumn Meeting.

Author Yuichi Uda, Write start at 2016/04/03/12:03JST, Last edit at 2016/04/03/14:20JST